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Getting Here

Our Brittany gites are perfectly located for easy access to beaches, local towns and a vast choice of places to visit -see the 'things to do' page. You can find exactly where we are by looking at the map of Brittany below..... Crème, Rose and Violet are around and in the village of Reminiac which is about two kilometres from Blanche and Orange. La Maison Bleue is in the pretty village of Treal. A taxi service (24/7) is available from the gites to wherever you want to go. You can pre book direct- ideal if you don't fancy driving. If you'd like us to do it for you then just ask !

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The large market towns of Guer, Malestroit, Ruffiac and Ploermel are all within fifteen minutes drive of each house.The capital city of Brittany (Rennes) is approximately forty minutes drive to the north-east whilst cosmopolitan Nantes is seventy five minutes to the south. To the west, the fishing ports of Vannes and Damgan and their surrounding white sandy beaches are less than thirty minutes by car

Map of Brittany

Map of Brittanymap of Briitany small

Brittany's Ports and Roads

Brittany is well served by motorways and there are no tolls to pay. St Malo port is an hour and a half drive, Caen is just over two hours and Cherbourg and Le Havre are under three hours. The motorways are generally exremely quiet and run as far as the local town of Guer, ten minutes away

Calais is about five hours plus away and the tolls through Normandy add up to about twenty five pounds. Most -but not all- French toll booths take credit cards. Mileages to our gites from the ports as supplied by the RAC Route Finder are as follows: Caen- 149 miles, Cherbourg: 169 Miles, St Malo: 76 miles, Roscoff: 169 miles, Le Havre: 203 miles, Calais 357 miles. You need to book your crossing yourself direct with the ferry company, Channel Tunnel or airline

Twenty Percent Off All Brittany Ferries Crossings

Get twenty percent discount on your travel with Brittany Ferries when you cross from Portsmouth, Poole, Plymouth and Cork to St Malo, Caen, Roscoff, Le Havre or Cherbourg. Ask us for our discounted travel number. The twenty percent off Brittany Ferries is only available when you book a gite with us
Brittany Ferries France

Brittany Ferries
Portsmouth - St Malo. 9 hours
Portsmouth - Cherbourg. 3 hours
Portsmouth - Caen Fast Cat. 4 hours
Portsmouth - Le Havre. 6 hours
Plymouth - Roscoff. 6 hours
Poole - Cherbourg. 4 hours



DFDS Ferries
Dover - Calais. Ninety minutes
Dover - Dunkirk. Two hours
Newhaven - Dieppe. Four hours

DFDS France

Ferry Condor

Condor Ferries
Weymouth - St Malo. Eight Hours
Poole - St Malo. Six hours
Portsmouth - Cherbourg. Four hours
Portsmouth - St Malo. Eight hours

Condor Ferries

Channel Tunnel France

Channel Tunnel and  P& O
Tunnel Folkstone - Calais. Half hour
P & O Ferry Dover - Calais. One hour

P & O Ferries

Flights to Brittany

Brittany Airports
To Dinard and Nantes from East Midlands and Stanstead with Ryan Air & Easy jet
To Nantes from Gatwick with Easy Jet

Nantes Brittany


Car hire is available at all the French airports but we recommend you book in advance from the UK. Locally you can hire a car at Europcar in Ploermel

You can hire push-bikes 'around the corner' in the village of Monteneuf from the Games Centre. The price for an adult bike is about 15 Euros per day. They also offer Bed and Breakfast if you want to stay and extra day or two or arrive early

You need to bring your Vehicle Registration, Insurance, MOT and Driving Licence. It is advisable to take out European breakdown cover. You may need a warning triangle  and a yellow jacket. Note: If in doubt please check with the AA, RAC or other reputable source before you travel

Although there are not too many fixed cameras, they do exist, particularly on the motorways. You will see large white signs with black pictures of different vehicles followed by radar lines. Recently these warning signs have been giving way to LED signs showing your actual speed. Normally within three miles of passing one of these there will be a speed trap camera. Hand held speed traps are also used and normally an on the spot fine of ninety euros or more will be given

The speed limit on Brittany's motorways is 110 Km/h whereas the speed limit on the paid autoroutes plus some others (e.g from Caen to Calais is usually 130 Km/h. As of the first of July 2018 the 'national speed limit' (i.e where it is not indicated to the contrary) dropped from 90 km/h to 80 Km/h. In towns and villages it varies between 50 and 30 Km/h. Speed limits are constantly changing on many roads so please check the signs as you are drivie along to be sure

PRIORITY TO THE RIGHT- Priorite a droite
A yellow diamond shaped sign with a white border indicates that drivers on main roads have the right of way and don't need to give way to the right. When the sign appears with a diagonal black line through it, then this reverses and you do not have priority so you must give way to the right. Also a triangular 'crossroads' sign with all axis of the cross the same width means you must give way to the right as well

Motorway and dual carriageway stations are normally manned twenty four hours. There is one about ten minutes away on the N24 at Ploermel. Supermarket and local petrol stations are normally manned from nine in the morning until midday and from two until seven in the afternoon. Automated twenty-four hour pumps are available at all petrol stations and usually take UK credit and debit cards. All the large supermarkets have petrol stations - e.g Casino and Super U at Malestroit which are less than ten minutes drive from the gites. There is a small petrol station at Treal (less than two minutes from the gites) which is open all day and you can pay by card or cash

You can use British credit /debit cards in most cash machines in Brittany to obtain your Euros. Most banks have an cashpoint machine

Check that you are insured to drive in France and that you have adequate European Breakdown Insurance. Also make sure that you have medical and travel insurance. Holiday cancellation insurance is also recommended. Normally a bank or home insurance company will be able to assist you with these policies. We do not offer any insurance at all so you will need to arrange this yourself

HEALTH: Doctors, Dentists and Hospitals
Brittany is well served for its medical needs, having the highest percentage of doctors per head of population in France. It's important to know that there is somewhere you can get immediate treatment in an emergency so we have found a local doctor and dentist who both speak fluent English. Full details of both of these are included in the House Folder supplied in each gite. The doctor is in Ploermel, less than fifteen minutes away and you can see him six mornings per week by appointment (usually within 24 hours). The dentist is in Malestroit. The local A&E is also at Ploermel and is open 24/7. Many doctors speak English. Ploermel hospital is large, new and very efficient. There are huge hospitals in Vannes and Rennes as well- just over half an hour away

There is free Wi-Fi at Maisons Bleue, Rose, Violet, Orange, Blanche and Crème and you will need to bring a tablet, laptop or smartphone with you if you'd like to use it

Please note that the internet speeds here in Brittany are not as fast as you may be used to in the UK (we have the highest available). It's fine for e mail, general internet use, social networking sites etc but we cannot guarantee its speed, reliability or functionality as we offer it as a FREE service. We are in the hands of France Telecom and Orange, and although it tends to be fine most of the time it does have hiccups occasionally

Many local cafe's and bars have a free Wi-Fi service as do most large supermarkets and restaurants. Mobile phone coverage is very good in most areas


The following is Brexit information (as of January 2021) as far as we can find out- we can't guarantee any of it unfortunately as things seem to change so please do check for yourself !

Brittany Ferries have said on their website ......"Whether you have already booked or are thinking of travelling with us, deal or no deal, Brittany Ferries will continue to operate all routes after the UK has withdrawn from the European Union. The fundamentals of travel by sea will not change regardless of the post-Brexit landscape, so please continue to book with confidence"

Passports: The Goverment advises that you should ensure that there are at least six months duration remaining on your passport from your date of arrival abroad. For the latest information, visit the government’s webpage on passports

EHIC Health Cards: EHIC cards are reported to be continuing to be valid as part of the 'Brexit Deal'. Existing cards will be honoured and the EU have said that health care will continue be given to all UK nationals traveliing in France in the future and vice versa. There are plans for the UK governemnt to change the name of the EHIC card, although it will apparently still look the same as the current card.. Don’t forget that an EHIC is never a complete replacement for travel insurance. It is always best to be covered when travelling abroad and ABTA recommends you take out a comprehensive travel policy before making any trip.

You need to verify with your car insurance company whether a green card is required for driving in France. We have heard that where it is required by the insurance company they will provide it free of charge

All of the above travel, health and Brexit information is advisory only. If you would like more specific details then please speak to the French embassy in the UK or a travel organistion such as the AA or RAC. We carry no responsibility for the accuracy of this information

COVID 19 Rebooking Policy.

Obviously 2020 has been a particularly challenging year and now we all need a holiday to look forward to.

We do not know what will happen in 2021 although now that the UK and Europe are rolling out the vaccination program things should improve rapidly. However, we have introduced a Rebooking Policy which will apply to all 2021 lettings.

If, due to Covid-19 you are unable to travel to Brittany due to a either a lockdown in your country or in Brittany or if the French borders are closed on your holiday dates, you will be able to rebook your holiday up until 20 May 2022.

There will be no additional costs provided that you rebook the same season (Low, Mid, High or Peak)