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Coronavirus/ Covis 19 News And Information

Update 1st January 2021

Easy-Jet are now flying to France and Brittany Ferries are running accross the channel to Caen, Roscoff and Le Havre. Transmarche Ferries and P&O are also operating

Brittany's 'headline death rate' from the virus accounts for approx. 0.86 (nought point eight six) percent of France's total deaths. The French government classify Morbihan as a 'Green' zone using their traffic light system of risk across the country. The government have officially announced the end of the state of emergency and have declared the virus under control.

Brittany is the least affected area of France and with a land area of over 13,000 square miles consisting mainly of wide open space that's not really surprising. As of today's date there are 14 people in hospital across the whole of Morbihan. In addition, Morbihan (the county where we are) has the lowest incidence across the whole of the Brittany. You can easily asses the negligible impact here by the tests results. In Morbihan tens of thousands of tests have been carried out since March last year and as of today's date only one percent of those have come back positive during that entire time which obviously included the peak periods

The above information is obtained from the French governments official coronavirus website....... and we would encourage you to have a look at it yourself

Le Monde newspaper have published a report on 'excess deaths' during 2020 in France due to the coronavirus covering the period from 1st March up to August 28th 2020. They define 'excess deaths' as being any increase on the previous years total for the same period. 

The first diagram below is a map of France showing a broad brush indicator of the extra deaths in 2020. The bigger the red spot the more deaths year on year from the same period in 2019. You can easily see where the majority have occurred- i.e the Paris region and the Eastern side of the country

France CV

The diagram below is a bar chart showing Morbihan's (the county where we are in Brittany) excess death rate this year up to the 24th of August compared to 2018 and 2019. The colours show the different age groups as indicated by the key above the columns

Brittany Morbihan

You can see that Morbihan suffered no excess deaths above the usual death rate compared to 2019 and compared to 2018 Morbihan actually had less deaths in 2020 during the period 1st March -24th August. What does this mean ? Well it means that Brittany and Morbihan are quite rightly classed as low risk by the governemnt: Information source: Le Monde newspaper 05/09/2020 

Preventative measures that are still in place in France:
1. Anyone in an enclosed space such as a shop or travelling on public transport is obliged to wear a mask
2. Hand sanitising gel is the norm on entering many shops and is supplied near the entrance
3. Handshaking and ‘la bise’ (kissing) is prohibited.

Note: Bars and restaurants do not require any advance reservations- if you fancy a coffee, beer or even lunch you can just drop in as usual

Our Gite Cleaning Regime

As our previous customers will confirm our cleaning has always been exemplary. However, since the start of June 2020 we have implemented an even more vigorous protocol including using a special antibacterial sanitising cleaning solution to wipe down all touchable surfaces throughout the houses, especially in the kitchens and bathrooms

NB... for what it's worth we have never come across or even heard of anyone who has contracted the virus here. Brittany is one of the least touched areas of western Europe


Rebooking Policy.

Obviously 2020 has been a particularly challenging year and now we all need a holiday to look forward to.

We do not know what will happen in 2021 although now that the UK and Europe are rolling out the vaccination program things should improve rapidly. However, we have introduced a Rebooking Policy which will apply to all 2021 lettings.

If, due to Covid-19 you are unable to travel to Brittany due to a either a lockdown in your country or in Brittany or if the French borders are closed on your holiday dates, you will be able to rebook your holiday up until 20 May 2022.

There will be no additional costs provided that you rebook the same season (Low, Mid or High)